Amazon distributes 10 billion items worldwide every year, a store open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
"In 5 years, not having an automated income source will not be an option, if you haven’t started, you are already late"
“In 1994 few people had heard of the Internet. It was a thing for physicists and scientists. We used it little, but I noticed that its annual growth was 2300%. Anything that grows at that rate, no matter how tiny, will become something big"

With the International Electronic Commerce Cooperative, landing in Europe is comfortable and simple.

Land in Europe

Expanding your business operation to other countries can be complicated as you need to understand the tax code and regulations for each product, create effective listings and provide local customer service.

It will be easier if you take advantage of our modern logistics system, our efficient resources and our first-class customer service to reach an ever-growing customer base in Europe.

One sole account for all of Europe and Russia and you can have a presence in 23 Channels

You can reach customers all over Europe with just one account and managing all listings and inventories in Europe, thanks to our agreements with the main European Marketplaces and the main logistics operators in Europe.

Boost your sales by offering new opportunities And best of all... Your merchandise is in your warehouse, and everything that leaves your warehouse is already sold. You don't have to risk stock or have to pay for extra storage. You only ship what is sold.