Terms of Service

Terms of Service


The purpose of this document is to regulate the particular conditions of the right of use of IECO OPERATIVE S.L. provided by the COMPANY with CIF B-29443405 and with registered office at Calle HERMOSILLA 48 1 ° D 28001, Madrid, Spain, Email: contacto@iecooperative.com, Telephone: 910054150, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Malaga on 4/30 / 2021 VOLUME: 1695 – BOOK: 608 – FOLIO: 219 – SHEET: MA-912 – ENROLLMENT: 5, which it makes available to the subscribing company (partner) on the websites www.iecooperative.com, www.iecooperative.es , www.iecooperative.pt, www.iecooperative.eu, www.iecooperative.us, www.iecooperative.org, www.productshunter.eu the publication and management of products on the Internet with graphic and / or text information, with the control exclusive of who administers them.

The Partner is understood as the person / company that accesses the website and contracts the service.

The Partner is the legal person that acts on his behalf and must do so with the power of his client, reserving IECO OPERATIVE S.L. the right to request the documents that prove it.

The partner is informed of these Particular Conditions, having prior knowledge before using the service and that they will be accepted when contracting the service, with the signing of this contract.


IECO OPERATIVE S.L., is an electronic commerce solution that allows partners to publish products in their Web account in an easy and intuitive way, without the need for specific computer knowledge, facilitating their presence on the Internet.

Creation and configuration are very simple; For the creation of the web account it is necessary that the partner indicates the company data in www.productshunter.eu

The Partner will have the right by IECO OPERATIVE SL to the publication of the products in the agreed channels, to the management service of all the activities directed to the buyers (messages, etc.) to the product shipping and delivery service, all insured shipments and double attempted delivery.

Shipping costs are borne by the end consumer. IECO OPERATIVE SL will have full autonomy to determine national and international shipments, according to the best performance at all times in terms of quality and price in the performance of said service, excluding any need for communication by IECO OPERATIVE to the Partner.


The service described in these conditions is intended for companies or professionals domiciled for tax purposes in the territory of the European Union.


  • All our services require a first registration payment in the system. + Commitment of permanence of 36 corresponding monthly payments, our marketing department after a feasibility study will communicate the most interesting options for the partner.

Additional services: SEO publication and optimization service, multilingual SEO translation automated by Artificial Intelligence in the channels established for each plan, product maintenance in the different channels, administrative services, consumer assistance, logistics and shipping management.

All the plans that IECO OPERATIVE S.L carries out are for periods of 36 MONTHS in duration.


The payment by IECO OPERATIVE SL to the Partner for the products sold through the different channels is made every fortnight, on the 5th and 20th of each month, settling all the products that enter that period already paid for through the different channels. At the moment that the money has been unlocked by the different channels, as indicated by the European regulations for purchases outside the establishment, the Partner will have from his control panel a receipt of what he has pending to collect and proof of shipments. Every month the partner will make an invoice for the products sold in the name of IECO OPERATIVE S.L. as a distributor of your online products


  • The Partner guarantees that the information provided is correct, truthful and complete, and that it will keep it updated during the term of the contract. Consequently, IECO OPERATIVE SL disclaims any responsibility for breach of this guarantee.
  • The Partner guarantees that they will use the contracted service in accordance with current legislation and in good faith. Likewise, it undertakes to comply with the provisions and commitments contained in the particular conditions of the contracted services and products. The Partner guarantees that the content of the files stored on the servers, as well as the content of his web account, are his sole responsibility. The Partner guarantees that he is responsible for the management of all advertised products and the availability of products in stock.
  • The Partner guarantees the payment of the contracted services and products in a timely and complete manner. The Partner guarantees that the content of his account and the products offered for sale in the different channels comply with the applicable Spanish and European legislation . The Partner understands / accepts that each channel is a country and each market, for example ebay.it and ebay.es, are two channels, etc. The Partner is solely responsible for ensuring that the service he has decided to hire is the one that best suits his needs.
  • The Partner is informed by IECO OPERATIVE that to proceed to sell in DIFFERENT CHANNELS the first step is to register their brand in them, therefore, they will have to send us all the information that the DIFFERENT CHANNELS request us to be able to expedite the registration of your brand on the different sales platforms. This process is at zero cost for the partner. If for any reason the brand registration is denied in any channel, we will proceed to change that channel for another that does authorize it, IECO OPERATIVE cannot guarantee that a brand is approved by certain CHANNELS since each of them follow their own rules outside our company. The process of registering a brand in some channels may take approximately 60 days from when the Partner provides us with all the requested information. The first requirement that the Partner must meet is to be the owner or authorized distributor of a registered trademark.
  • For the correct display of an advertised product, it is essential that the Partner correctly insert the professional images of the products in high resolution digital format (1600 × 1600 MP) with a white background and the informative texts.
The Partner understands and accepts that the publication of the products is subject to the inclusion of all the previous information, with the express exclusion of any type of exception. The Partner guarantees under his own responsibility the constant update of the availability of the products in the warehouse of his account at www.productshunter.eu. This aspect is essential since a product sold and subsequently unavailable would result in serious damage, with the risk of negative evaluations (comments) by consumers. This eventuality could lead to the suspension of the account and the service would end up blocked.


IECO OPERATIVE SL is the owner, or where appropriate, is authorized by the legitimate owner, of all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, know-how and rights related to the services and products contracted by the Partner, as well as the software necessary for its implementation and the information obtained by it.

The use of the products and services offered by IECO OPERATIVE SL does not confer on the Partner any right or license over them or over the computer programs necessary to provide the services or over the technical information for monitoring the services.

The contract grants the Partner the right to install and use the services and products in accordance with the purpose defined in these particular conditions of the contracted product or service. The Partner is obliged to observe and respect the contractual and technical limitations related to the use of the platform.

Partner hereby acknowledges ownership and copyright related to the program and consequently your rights as a user of the program, these rights will also apply to any extensions of the program provided to Partner.

The Partner guarantees that he is the owner of the information stored in the assigned space or has the corresponding authorization to disseminate the information on the Internet.

The Partner will be responsible and will hold IECO OPERATIVE SL harmless for any damage, claim or penalty that occurs as a result of the improper or unauthorized use of the logos, trademarks, trade name, designs or image that are stored and added by the Partner. in the space assigned on the platform www.productshunter.eu and www.iecooperative.com, www.iecooperative.es, www.iecooperative.pt, www.iecooperative.eu, www.iecooperative.us, www.iecooperative.org.

The Partner undertakes to provide IECO OPERATIVE with any documentation that a certain channel may request of certain products for publication.


After successfully completing the registration process, the Partner must use this data to access the platform. Depending on the communications accepted by the Partner at the time of registration, the registered email will be used for these purposes.

Partner identification and access codes are personal and non-transferable. It is the responsibility of the Partner to act with due diligence to prevent access and / or use by third parties to access or use identification codes or keys on their behalf. Likewise, the Partner is solely responsible for the loss, theft or unauthorized use of any identification code or key and the consequences that may arise.


The Partner accepts and orders with his express consent that our specialists and experts start the creation of his online store and carry out the work of adjustments, synchronization, marketing studies of his products, study of keywords, marketing strategies, registration of his brand on the different channels. Since the signing of this contract, IECO OPERATIVE S.L. starts working for the partner.

The Partner understands and accepts that there are exceptions to the right of withdrawal that are included in article 103 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users .

The Partner declares that he has been informed that some channels need an approval process for their brand, this procedure IECO OPERATIVE S.L. It will be done at zero cost for the Partner, this process can take up to 60 days approx. (since the partner sends us all the documentation that they request).

The partner undertakes to provide all the information that the different channels request from us in order to approve their brand. This brand registration process has a cost of € 790 + VAT, if done privately. IECO OPERATIVE S.L. It will be free for the partner, for this and other reasons The Partner commits to 3 YEARS of permanence .

In the event that a channel does not accept the publication of the brand, that channel will be replaced by another at the free choice of the Marketing team of IECO OPERATIVE S.L.

The partner includes a ticket support service (via email) with a response time of approx. 24 hours. (working days) where you can contact all the departments of the project.

The partner has been informed that there is an OPTIONAL extra personalized 24-hour telephone service with an extra cost of € 99 per month + VAT.


The partner undertakes to guarantee the products it offers for sale. Products offered by third-party vendors in some different channels have a two-year warranty. If the product received does not match the description or is defective, the seller must offer the option to repair, replace or refund the product free of charge (including return costs). However, after the first 6 months after delivery of the product, the seller may require proof that it is a manufacturing defect and not an accident, misuse, contact with liquids, etc.

If a product is sent in poor condition or wrong due to the Partner’s error, the Partner assumes the expenses caused by its errors, as if IECO OPERATIVE S.L. sends the courier agency to pick up an order and the Partner does not have it ready.

Many suppliers and manufacturers offer their own commercial warranty that can guarantee the repair of the product for a certain period of time. These types of guarantees must be free or optional. Furthermore, this commercial guarantee cannot replace the legal guarantee described above, which applies in all cases.


Violation of any part of the obligations contained in this agreement will cause the termination of the agreement. Specifically, the infringement of the guarantees contained in clause 6 may lead to the termination of the contract, without prejudice to any compensation for damages that may correspond to IECO OPERATIVE SL

Expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, the parties expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of MÁLAGA for the resolution of the issues and controversies that may arise in relation to this contract , without prejudice to the provisions of the legal provisions that impose a specific jurisdiction.


IECO OPERATIVE SL expressly undertakes, both during the term of the contract, and after its termination, not to disseminate, transmit, reveal to third parties any information about the partner, to which it has access as a result of the performance of its provision. services, or to use such information in their own interest or that of their family or friends.

The prohibition established in the previous paragraph extends to the reproduction on any medium of the partner’s information, to which it has access about clients, organizational procedures and systems, computer programs or any other type of internal information, unless such information is strictly necessary for the development of the inherent content of its provision of service and is carried out within the scope of the company.

The Partner agrees with IECO OPERATIVE S.L. exactly the same.


For the services provided, IECO OPERATIVE SL will receive a commission for each sale that is detailed in this contract. The commissions of the different external channels (marketplaces) are applied after adding the total value of the product + the value of the shipping costs. The IECO OPERATIVE commission is calculated only from the total value of the product, never from the shipping costs.


IECO OPERATIVE SL ———————————————– – 10%

The partner has been informed that the first 5 days of each month will send accounting (ARROBA) iecooperative.com as if it were another distributor all products sold in the month that have already been charged.

The commissions of IECO OPERATIVE S.L. They will be valid throughout the term of this contract, that of the Marketplaces (different channels) may vary (which The Company will communicate to the Partner in writing through the work platform).


Our entity is a member of Confianza Online (non-profit association), registered in the
National Registry of Associations Group 1, Section 1, national number 594400, CIF G85804011, Carrera de
San Jerónimo, 18, 4o 1, 28014 Madrid (Spain). For more information: www.confianzaonline.es.

Likewise, we inform you that, as a member entity and under the terms of its Code, Confianza Online will be
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